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Trees may start small, but they can become a very big problem for many property owners. At Advanced Fencing Services we provide tree surgery for trees of any height or size across the Dudley area.

  • Tree work of any height

  • Trimming

  • Pruning

  • Felling

  • General tree care

Our tree surgeons can complete:

Through pruning, trimming and more, we can ensure your trees are looked after the right way. With years of experience in tree care, we will leave your property exterior looking neat, tidy and well-kept.

Expert tree care

Is a tree on your property blocking light or does it simply look unsightly? Here at Advanced Fencing Services we can remove trees completely. We do this will as minimal disruption as possible to you and your neighbours.

Need a tree removing from your property?

Need help with fast growing trees on your property?

Not sure what to do with a tree on your property? Call the tree surgeons on:

07939 632 431 or

01384 838 297